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 How to Use Mission Board

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How to Use Mission Board Empty
PostSubject: How to Use Mission Board   How to Use Mission Board Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 3:26 am

There are 6 level of missions. Each level is determined by its difficulty. The rewards is up the person who offers the mission but must go through Guildmaster for approval so that the rewards and mission is balanced to its difficulty. Below are the mission type ranks.

SS- Rank  [Godlike]
S- Rank    [Expert]
A- Rank    [Professional]
B-Rank     [Rookie]
C-Rank     [Amateur]
D- Rank    [Beginner]

If you want to offer a mission, here is what you should do. First, determine what kind of mission you want to offer and also the reward must be reasonable. Lastly specify the time and date the mission expires (time must be server time). Example :
D- Rank>>
Mission : Collect 300 Immortal Hearts
Reward : 750,000 Zeny + Poring Card
Venue : Fairy Tail Guild Town
[ 13:00, 25 June 2012 ]

p/s : i love cookies~

The mission info must have Mission type, Mission Description, Reward, Venue to redeem, and mission expiry time. Use the above format so it would be easier for anyone to understand it.

If you want to take the mission, simply quote the post and reply "I will take this mission and complete it before the expiry date." If you want to cancel your choice of mission, quote your post reply earlier and reply "I cannot do this mission. Sorry." and REPORT to the offerer and Guildmaster via forum message.

The person who takes no the mission may report to guildmaster for discipline punishment if he/she do not receive rewards after mission expiry date and time. If the reward is not given by the expired mission time, the reward must be doubled. The transaction is doable by @mail in game. If you have any report, screen it and post it on report thread. This is to enhance our disciplinary value in guild.

**this instruction may change from time to time.

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How to Use Mission Board
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